Guest Comments

“…that trip (Dolomites) was perhaps the BEST week of cycling in my life!!!”
Bill F. – WY

“CycleItalia is much more than a bike tour, it is a way to experience the most beautiful country in the world in a way no tourist could ever imagine. The lodgings and gastronomy are what separates you from everything else I have seen.”
Miguel M. – FL

“I loved the routes. The accommodations and meals were fabulous!”
Martin M. – Canada

“Good company and pacing. Time for cultural activity. It was great to be able to take a day off and feel good about it.”
Clark A. – CA

“One of the greatest experiences of my life. I’ve always loved cycling but never really cycled until I came to Italy. I can’t wait to come back again!”
Peter B. – NY

“Great food, great cycling! Just like the slogan says (pedala forte, mangia bene!)”
Rachel M. – DC

“Best support we’ve had in 12 years of cycling trips. Superb vacation!”
Larry S. – NY

“Incredibly well-organized, Larry & Heather were fabulous.”
Jamie G. – Canada

“Larry and Heather truly love what they’re doing. Not only cycling but eating and drinking as well.”
Todd B. – WA

“Literally fantastic! Like a dream!”
Curt V. – PA

“There were so many good parts of this trip it was hard to pick a best part.”
Dave & Sally S. – PA

“The trip was better than I ever expected.”
Merrill O. – NY

“Best support on the roads!”
Jim S. – Canada

“I enjoyed the freedom to fulfill a fantasy.”
Dave H. – Hawaii

“Quality. The experience was SO different than any cycling tour I’ve ever been on. The choice of roads, selection of hotels, and incredible scenery could not be outdone – except by the food!”
Lewis L. – CA

“I have seen some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life.”
Donna A. – CA

“Rode more, ate more than I thought possible.”
Joe L. – TX

“I think some of the routes were designed for riders in the Tour de France! It was a lovely trip…for those who really like to ride. CycleItalia gives you more opportunity to ride than any other company I’ve been with. I appreciate that.”
Denny T. – CA

“I had a wonderful time as a non-cyclist traveling with my husband. My favorite part was seeing my husband enjoying the cycling. I hope we can come back, it was more than we ever expected. The meals were incredible and so were the people we met along the way.”
Karen R. – CA

“Having Heather and Larry show us the special foods and wines of Tuscany was something I will cherish for the rest of my life, thank you both.”
David R. – CA

“I asked a lot of questions prior to signing up for the trip and it has lived up to my expectations. Heather and Larry provided great support on the routes, it was a great trip.”
Diane G. – CA

“It’s difficult to choose one highlight, there were so many.”
Sylvia K. – CA

“A wonderful trip. Fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. Great riding, eating, drinking. A great trip, I hope to do it again.”
Gary S. – Australia

“Finally riding the switchback descents I’ve dreamed of after seeing the Giro d’Italia on video was wonderful. Speaking and riding with Italians, they know more about cycling than I ever will. Those were special moments for me.”
Loren S. – MN

“Riding up Tre Cime following Larry’s wheel was a thrill.”
Jerry C. – CA

“A pass a day is good for the appetite! You can then have TWO desserts AND blue cheese! Food was wonderful, hotels were fabulous and the company delightful.”
Kathy K. – CA

“Every meal was a highlight. On the Mortirolo, after riding the 18% sections, 14% felt easy!”
Todd K. – TX

“Great company.”
Ed J. – AZ

“The riding and the food was great, I expected that. The support along the way was superb! I’m running out of superlatives!”
Frank D. – GA

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